I consider myself zealous, ambitious and I am always willing to try my best to achieve my tasks exceptionally. I am looking forward to a job in Digital Marketing at Golden Owl Consulting Ltd. I believe that Golden Owl Consulting Ltd is the most suitable company for me to contribute and show my strengths in this field through the experience I have had. Additionally, I want to learn more and more and improve my teamwork skill in Digital Marketing. I expect to have a chance to present my abilities for you by getting a job interview from your company

Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • Sales ManagerNam Viet Company
    March 2017 - December 2019:

    finding customers, managing orders, handling errors…
    It is the job and working environment that gives me a lot of opportunities to improve myself. Because The size of this fabric factory is 8-hectare so the most of customers I find are big enough to fit it. I have had experience in convincing customers to send samples, managing orders, pursuing potential customers to achieve goals …
    I found customers in the first stage by investing my money in running Facebook ads, analyzing the data, running SEO Google. I focused on building a big community when achieving a stable amount of customers. Because the market is Korean, Taiwanese, Thai and American customers, every day | communicate and consult jobs in English, so I believe that foreign languages are my strengths in multinational companies. –
    10/2018 – 12/2019: Became a Sales Manager with achievement such as total revenue of orders under my management accounting for 60-70% of the 3-month total revenue.

  • manufacturing and marketingSell Clothes of streetwear
    December 2018

    +contacting KOL, writing content, running Facebook ads, creating events to attract customers …) The main responsibilities:
    + Designing banners and posters by Photoshop and Al
    + Contacting KOLs to PR my products by having them give best feedback.
    + Taking care of Fanpage, Instagram of the shop to attract more and more customers.
    + Creating suitable events to make trends before launching a new product.
    + Running ads FB, Ins in the first stage as much as posible to find the best customers andgetthe most optimal efficiency.
    – Create events: FB pages increased 5000 likes, FB group increased 3000 members and Instagram account increased 1200 followers after 20 days. It is my exclusive start-up still active which is under my sister’s management so that I focus on the work at new company.

  • salesSell socks and 3CE lipstick made in Korea in the time for the end of the year
    September 2017

    running Facebook marketing and having KOLS promote business through live stream. After selling more than 500 socks and 300 lipsticks. However, advertising costs was higher than profits, and spending most of my time at the company and not having enough money, so I stoped the work.

  • Salesselling self-produced T-shirts

    buying cloth, sewing, printing, packaging and marketing whose total cost is 30 millions VND. 80% of pre-orders were made during the production period by marketing (PR, Livestream…) into Facebook groups, especially traveling, … because the tourists need uniforms for themselves. The project failed due to printing mistake in the final stage and we liquidated all the goods after that.

  • salesselling Clean Food

    Find the network supllying chicken , meat, vegetables, fruits … which are verified and certified. On the website, we upload all the goods necessary to make a meal. The project faild after only 5 month because we did not have enough money to cover its costs such as finding the network, achieving the clean sanitation certificate, developing the website and smart mobile, running Facebook ads and SEO Google ads, promoting Marketing … to change the way customers purchase products.

  • Logistics Intern

    getting through Customs for containers of goods from abroad to Vietnam as well as from Vietnam to abroad.

  • Join Enactus Club (global non-profit and community of student) and participate in Street teamed rolled rice pancake, ginseng

    creat a network make the street food become an online ordering model or phone call similar to Foody nowadays. The project failed after 4 months.

  • 2011

    creating a Website by myself similar to Template Creat which includes many avilible template website the custober only click and custom into practice. The lack of staff such as programers leads to the project failure.

  • English Center

    designing banners and posters.

Trình độ học vấn
  • Hoa Sen University (HSU)
    2012 - 2018

    Bachelor of International Business major GPA: 2.85/4

Các kỹ năng
  • teamwork
  • communicate English fluently
  • make marketing plan
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