Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • General ManagerRoyal Huy Hotel Danang(4 stars)
    Nov 2018 – Present:
  • General ManagerNhu Minh Plaza Hotel (4 stars)
    Nov 2017 – Nov 2018:

    – Set up hotel and implement 4 star rating.
    – Ensuring and maintaining smooth running of departments at all
    – Develop and making annual business plan
    – Checking and controlling daily figures against budgets targets
    – Administering, assigning, supervising and solving everyday tasks.
    – Reviewing other daily key figures and financial data.
    – Maintaining the guest’s, employee’s and property’s safety and

  • Deputy DirectorBamboo Green Central Hotel (3 stars) - Vitours Bamboo Green Central Hotel (3 stars) - Vitours Vietnam Tourism Joint Stock Company.
    March 2014 - Nov 2017:

    – Business planning and coordination with the Department of
    Reception – Booking – Sales and Marketing to implement.
    – Monitor the implementation of marketing activities.
    – Monitor the implementation of conferences, events, parties … take
    place at the hotel.
    – Monitor and check the quality of service and report to the director.
    – Deploy the director’s direction to the hotel departments.

  • Head of Reception - Reservation - Sales and MarketingBamboo Green Central Hotel (3 stars) - Vitours Vietnam Tourism Joint Stock Company.
    May 2004 - March 2014:

    – Supervise the work of the Receptionist (Check in, check out,
    payment, serve guests …)
    – Develop, implement and monitor the implementation of marketing
    plans of the Division
    – Deploy customer search activities.
    – Monitor booking and ensure maximum capacity of the hotel
    Contacting and negotiating with clients about contracts (travel
    companies, online booking networks, conferences, etc.)
    – Organizing and coordinating with departments to organize
    conferences, events, banquets … taking place at the hotel
    – Deploy online sales
    – Training and management staff in the department to work
    – Synthesize reviews of customers to send to the board of

  • Head of Sales and Marketing DepartmentXuan Thieu Tourist Area - Vietnam Travel Company in Da Nang.
    August 2003 - 2004:

    – Set up promotion programs and coordinate with staffs to carry out
    promotional activities of the resort.
    – Contact and negotiate with travel companies about contracts
    – Manage and assist staff in finding orders for banquets, meetings.

  • Head of Sales and Marketing DepartmentProduction and Service Enterprise - Vietnam Travel Company in Da Nang.
    Sep 2002 - July 2003:

    – Establish and implement sales activities to promote the
    consumption of bottled water.
    – Manage and monitor agents and distributors.

Trình độ học vấn
  • Economics and Tourism Department
    1998 - 2002:
  • SHORT-TERM COURSESDuy Tan University

    May 2000 : Certificate in English – Duy Tan University
    July 2001 : Certificate of Information Technician – Viet Tien Center.
    October 2001 : Certificate of “Strengthening Business Management” – Center for Supporting
    Enterprise Development outside the State.
    October 2005 : Certificate of “Guest Management” – PUM.
    May 2006 : Certificate of “Premier Care” – Thang Long Business and Financial
    College. January 2007: TOEIC English Survey.
    November 2007: Certification of “Advanced Rendering Training” – Danang Department of Tourism.

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