Employment Objective Seeking job (based in Hanoi / North) with have the professional working environment, promotion in career / level, personal career development, improvement of working skills. There are opportunities to improve salary, other benefits, get more creative environment to optimize career skills…

Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • Sales & Business Developement Duc Trung Group
    5/2018 – Present

    Doing business; trading all kinds of imported & high quality sports products such as: Clothing
    and sports equipment of Nike, Adidas, Anta, Wilson, Yonex, Butterfly, Head, Prince, World of
    Sports, Fleet, Dynamo, Pacific, Tibhar, Dunlop …; * Gym & Fitness machines such as: OMA, KL,
    Sport 1, Fitness …* The household products imported from Europe & Japan;* Luxury Branded AM
    Sportswear (by OEM)
    Deputy CEO – Sales ; Business Development is a senior leader who will be responsible for the development; implementation of the overall Sales; Business Development strategies to ensure accomplishment of Duc Trung Group business goals;
    Leading the team in the formulation of annual operating plan (AOP) according to the company / group strategic direction and business focus.
    Leading and manage sales force by implementing effective sales strategies, and specified action plan to ensure sales targets and business objectives are achieved.
    Formulate incentive schemes to boost the sale performance as well as KPI achievement.
    Strategize and actively seek for opportunities to expand market share and grow business.
    Visitting customers together with distributors for new sales leads exploration and product demonstration.
    Work with the CEO to regulate distributors’ performance.
    Sales coach: review sales KPI and improve sales team coverage and sales team.
    Make recommendations; be responsible towards the development of strategic sales strategies; sales plans which includes distribution, promotion; merchandising management in existing; potential markets.
    Manage the sales/development of the GT, MT business, Corporate sales; supervise the sales expansion in Whole of Vietnam.
    Ensure listing/distribution; pricing objectives are achieved in all key channels.
    Propose and control the budget for Sales; Marketing; Manage, control; minimize all operational costs; expenses.
    Other assignments given by CEO / General Director of Duc Trung Group.
    Having reports to General Director (CEO) (based in Hanoi Off.).

  • Director of Sales & MarketingMavin Foods JV Co., Ltd
    5/2016 – 5/2018

    The products are processed from fresh meat: pate, sausage, ham, smoked products, bacon … with
    brands as: Hotdog, Vealino, Berliner (Perfecta), Mavin …
    To be Responsible for development implementation activities of the overall Sales, Marketing.
    Business Development strategies to ensure accomplishment of Mavin food business target.
    Develop and overall, customer-focused sales marketing strategy.
    Manage staffs in implementing Marketing plans, programs and strategies: support (trade) marketing department in organizing all events such as seminar, workshop, sales-day, trade-day, commandor, etc –
    Effectively manage and guide staffs in implementing Marketing plans, programs and strategies nationally.
    Achieve Sales targets, operation cost and market share annual goals for the assigned products.
    Sales operations Sales Strategy Development: Preparing and implement business plan, Annual
    Operating Plan (AOP) for the year, quarter, month according to assigned targets identify/ establish
    the sales strategy and sales channel (GT, MT, HORECA, …); Deliver sales and distribution targets as per objectives.
    Manage relationships with Distributions: Business Development Plan (BDF) of distributors. Managing business growth for Mavin Food: Look for candidates corporate with company as distributors.
    Setting up sales system, development the Sales network: Distributor,Wholesaler to ensure the presence and image of Mavin product at the POS in the regional in charge,
    Responsibility for business growth. Operation of distribution system. Ensure the achievement of sell-out and POS target by sales team. Implement and training skill Point-of-sale displays
    Budget Management: follow-up control budget effectively verify and approve the reports, purchase requests, entertainment, sales expenses suggested and submitted by staffs (RSM, ASM,…)
    Monitoring and analyzes distribution system, market trend, competitors and the company’s products strategy in order to recommend action plan for improvement.
    Working closely with sales team to ensure trade-marketing strategies are aligned with sales objectives and revenue / sales volume targets.
    Recruit and train staffs: Training; building for whole of sales team: recruitment, management and training the sales force (PG, SR, SS, ASM). Monitor promotional activities, manage PG team Prepare and submit plan of headcount. Building up the
    team- work spirit for sales-team.
    Having reports to General Director (CEO) (based in Hanam / Hanoi).

  • National Sales ManagerGlobal Spirits., Jsc – Gsc., Ltd
    9/2012 – 05/2016

    The product of vodka 3zoka, Vodka Gold President, Lua Viet liquor; Viet Ha beer types (beer cans, draft beer, PET,…), the purified water (bottled or gallons) …
    Making sales execution plan in order to achieve the set target effectively: forecast and analyze the sales environment; identify/establish the sales strategy and sales channel (GT, MT, HORECA,…).
    Planning, organizing, managing and direct all sales/ trade-marketing activities for whole country/each regional market to achieve the planned targets for sales volume, market share, product mix, coverage and profit margins.
    In charge for sales activities, building-up sales plan, managing a sales team to achieve sales target; other KPIs. Managing and serving the Distributors.
    Planning, Construction and Management the distribution system (ON-trade and OFF-trade channel: Restaurants, Shop, Distributors, Dealers / Wholesale, Retail, …) on the national scale.
    Implementation of the Sales MKT Policy: Sales Target (by month, quarter or year) for Area
    Sales Managers, Sales Sup. and the Distributors / Dealers for HOREKA channel. Implementation of
    (Trade) Marketing Policy as: Promotion, gifts, launching new products, … from time to time (monthly,
    quarterly) and each regions. Coordinate and work closely with the MKT team on requests related to
    trade marketing materials: Leaflet, Poster, Standee, Banner, Backdrop
    Setting-up policies to promote sales: bonus sale policy, increasing the presence and level of coverage, Increasing market share, developing new customers,…
    Recruitment, management and training the sales force (PG, SR, SS, ASM).
    Follow – up the distribution contract was signed with distributors, agents, …
    Follow – up and evaluating information about competitors (Vodka Men, Vodka Hanoi, Aligato, Zenka…) and carried-out and evaluating the effectiveness of programs to achieve marketing, display, merchandising, promotions,…
    Identify new business opportunities, ability to analyze market & report field market.
    Having reports to General Director (CEO) (based in Bacninh / Hanoi).

  • Branch ManagerGali–Eletric., Jsc
    3/2006 – 9/2012

    Electronic home products, electrical appliances, household appliances (cooker, kettle, electric thermos, hot and cold water fan, steam fan, ironing board, …) branded Gali, Jacki.
    Developing regional strategy for Ha noi branch: setting up the AOP assigned, making sales execution plan in order to achieve the set target effectively, Organizing and using the resources efficiently, …
    Building company’s image (Gali-Electric). Setting up the long-term business development strategy.
    Completing the target of sales and distribution in the North.
    Proposing, running and following up the Sales plans, Promotion plans, Marketing plans to achieve budgeted objectives in terms of sales volume, market share, money collection, coverage in the market,….
    Provide leadership to develop and motivate Sales staff to attain maximum sales effectiveness and productivity as well as to recommend and develop capable successors for Hanoi branch company’s future development.
    Controlling all of expenses (for sales & promotion policy, commissions incentive,…) within the appointed cost or under budgeted expenses. * Developing and maintaining good Key customer, retailers’ relations in the North.
    Getting information about competitors in the market, considering the competition and offer the best matching solution for the Northern market (ex: Midea, Suppo, Saiko, Sunhouse, Happy cook,…etc).
    Managing of the credit, delivery co-ordination/logistic, cash, commissions and report writing; finance account, warranty and customer care service department.
    Controlling and maintaining the inventory level with a good stock (in ware-house of Hanoi branch).
    Having reports to General Director (CEO) (based in HCMC).

  • Regional Sales ManagerUniversal Robina Corporation (URC) Snack foods Co., Ltd
    12/2004 – 3/2006

    Bakery, confectionery / candy products (Dynamite, XO, Cream-O, Magic, Lausanz, J&J,…), C2 beverage tea, snack Rolers Coster,…
    Setting up the regional sales targets: To master plan the quantity and distribution division/total sales routes (salesman), quantity of ASM, Sales Supervisor , Sales revenue quantity, KPIs at all levels,…
    Managing the effective implementation of sales strategy, sales distribution strategy to achieve the sales target other KPIs.
    Maintaining developing sales staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
    Work with sales force regular basis to deeply understand customer and field sales operation.
    Building up KPIs system for Sales force and conducting them to finish their tasks. Review KPI’s and business trends on a weekly basis to maximize sales opportunities.
    Monitor and analyzes sales progress, promotion expenses, competitors in order to propose sales/promotion plans to achieve maximum sales volume of different brands, products.
    Completing the Sales target (sell-in / sales to distributor sell-out / sales to trade) and Distribution objective (opening new outlet other KPI…) in Northern provinces
    Developing market share and focus on key products. Supporting in building company’s image in market (promotion policy, merchandising,….). Managing and controlling the sales force to carry-out sales marketing strategy.
    Setting up the sales, promotion trade marketing plan and managing the budget.
    Follow up, collecting, updating market and competitor’s information (ex: Bibica, Starburst, Kopiko candy; Perfetty Van Melle, Oishi, Craft food / Oreo,…) in the Northern provinces.
    Making annual business sales plan, implementing sales strategies; analyzing development trends.
    Performing other duties as required by the N.S.Manager or Marketing Director.
    Regularly have the market visit and key distributor/customer visit to understand and solve the issues to satisfy the customer requirements.
    Having reports to National Sales Manager or Marketing / Brand Manager (based in HCMC).

  • Area Sales ManagerFood & Beverage A&B Enterprise
    5/2000 – 12/2004

    Beverage products, A & B pure water, energy drinks Buffalo, food: perturbed, sauce, soy sauce,
    maggi, instant porridge, instant noodles, tea Fomusa, yogurt JoJo,…
    On behalf of company looking for / seek, maintain and develop the distribution network in assigned locations.
    Establishing the Distributors / exclusive Agents in the North provinces (Territory 2: 7 provinces, based in: Nam Dinh province). Developing the business of the provincial Distributors distribution system.
    Supervising and managing the sales supervisor (S.Sup) and sales representative (S.Rep).
    Collecting the field/market and competitor’s information (ex: Laska, Vital, Aquafina, Joy, Redbull,…).
    Getting the sales target. Setting objectives for each Agent base on separated market information.
    Setting up the area sales targets: total sales routes (salesman), Sales Supervisor , Sales revenue & quantity/sales volume, distributor performance result…
    Following the sales index, market share, total sales to the field market, competitor’s activities and handling some problem from other regions.
    Co-operating with the Agents to execute the direct marketing campaigns and the most effective promotion programs.
    Adjusting on the running the Sales & Marketing plan in co-ordination with Sales Managers.
    Having reports to Branch Director (Branch Director in Hanoi).

  • Sales SupervisorCoca – Cola Ngoc Hoi soft drinks Co., Ltd
    9/1996 – 5/2000

    Beverage products, carbonated soft drinks: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, bottled and canned and
    imported beverages, …
    Looking for potential customers / distributor. Doing the sales target (sell-in & sell-out target).
    Ensure the completeness of planned criteria assigned regarding sales revenue, sales volume, SKU, merchandise, coverage, …
    Researching market information: big dealers, Key Accounts, SKU, number of competitors, consumer habits,… Analyse market share / distribution trends. Co-relate with sales performance by many brands.
    Checking sell-out target for salesman in the field / at POS. Doing Sales – Business Plan: Sell-in & Sell-out
    Preparing monthly market forecast and performance sales target.
    Analyzing and forecasting field market information of competitor: PepsiCo, Tribeco, Redbull, Lavie,….checking distribution and promotions of Coke products in POS (outlet and whole-sales). Develop innovative solutions to identified & defined problems by collecting and analysing information/data.
    Having reports to Area Sales Manager / ASM (based in Hanoi).

Trình độ học vấn
  • Degree of Bachelor in Development Economics National Economics University (NEU)
    1992 – 1996

    1997 – 2007: To be trained on some courses: small and medium enterprises development skill; knowledge of ISO; marketing & customer care skill,…
    2016, 2017: Has been trained in strategic management, human resources, finance, brand-market, production and has had in-depth trainings in assigned areas (by: Nguyễn Hữu Thái Hoà (Mr.); Course: “I am a coach) (by: Mr.Nguyễn Hoàng Duy, TH Milk Group),…

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